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Artificial Sound

written by: Uses a Name

My ears often conflict with artificial sound
it has grown so loud, Intruding on beauty surround

How I long to sit by a lake, to devour the feel it makes
To see the tide slow, to hear the ripples flow

To feel it fornicate fantasies, giving birth to clarity
We can heal again, to live like one

Mimicked rhythms menace me, killing the need
mocking natures beauty, covering her melodies

Like a blanket of leaves, rustling beneath these feet
Walking along trebled clefs, this we can not see

We are growing accustomed to false realities
Building cities upon structures of being

My fear of such noises unconscious to memory
The music of earth is a reminder of believing

Opportunities like these are scarce to be
Covered by the bass line of humanity

The tides are low and my ears have become plagued
I can not hear the music nature has made

May my children know, may they speak of this
In future life, beyond my own

May they continue to know, they will continue to fight
For the earth, for the sound, for all they know that is right

So that love will not die and we can continue to know
Melodic motions of riverbanks and the trees that follow


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