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Asphalt Forgiveness

written by: choloepus

Wind is racing, making my eyes water
Finding reconciliation at 100 miles an hour
Along this stretch of deserted roadway
Helping me find the words I want to say.

How can thoughts of you, still find its way in me
After all we've been through, can't you let me be?
You still hold my being, holding me tight
Making me wish I could just take flight

This lone stretch of highway, is the only friend I've got
To help me through this day, to relive what I've forgot.
So I push my beast faster, tires scorching the black tar
Thrusting me forward, knuckles white on the handlebar

The lines on the pavement blurring
The thoughts of you disappearing
Heartbeat racing as the speed increases
Helping me from falling to pieces

Sunset past, turning all to red
The road is ending up ahead
Should I go on, find peace at last
Not slow down, keep moving past?

I'm almost done with you,
My life will start anew
Just a few minutes more
To reboot my core.

Road is ending
Wheels are turning
Dust flies everywhere
My body's in the air

I am free

The engine is quiet, the dust settles
Sun shines on this carnage of metal
Tears are streaming making her eyes water
Found reconciliation at 100 miles an hour


Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 10:43AM

This has an awesome flow. It's easy to read, full of imagery, overall... a great poem

Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 4:18PM

Wow. Great use of imagery. I felt like I was there! Good work. =]

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