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written by: Amygdala

Walking in wake and laying sleep,
The enigma effervescent cradles my feet.
Not aware of surroundings, or people you meet, stuck in the rigid rules of the street.

May the mighty walk, and the meek stumble.
Gather everyone,
great haste,
huddle, huddle
Keep temperament and idle hands steady now.
Get ready...
And POW, let them have it
Give it like I know you know how.
Standing on the landing like you are misplaced,
what do you expect, in relevence to the case.
You lived the life you created by hand.
You cant let a thing go and escape just like that.
You have got to understand.
You are a crazy-man, to put tomorrows in the palm of no mans land.
Its awkward and senseless to press upon your friends,
Your careless gestures.
You were thinking these people around you cant see?
... the silent crying you do,
the undermining you do.
You know what?
We cant talk it out.
I can't surpass the past
Because its part of me now.


Time is limited in this life.
How do you spare it on regret and lies.
Especially for the little insecurities that your keeping inside.
To Live is Not to Know,
But to Discover you life
Take chance and invest in the pleasures that you deserve my friend.
Dont sell youself short, You dont know when it ends.


Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 1:18PM

Wow...I really liked this piece Amaygdala! The way you paint emotions with words is really captivating! Good job!

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