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A Battle Rages Within

written by: OurSacredHonor

Walking down a moonlit street after dark
The leaves ruffle by and a lonely dog begins to bark
flames ignited by an indiscernible spark
emotions flare up and they hit the mark

don't know how to act, it's confusing me
feelings blurred by uncertainty
the mist is to thick I just can't see
the signals being sent to me

my mind wanders an endless trail of thoughts and solutions
is this really a problem that requires a resolution?
Or maybe it just needs a slight adjustment, not a conclusion
Reality must overcome the illusion

It's necessary to clarify
What the mind sees through the eye
No mystery, no lie
Just the questions how, when and why?

When did it start? Where did it begin?
Is it possible to win?
Questions prodding and poking, pain sharp like being stabbed with a pin
The confusion calls upon me from within

A battle inside for control of the core
Endlessly seeking, asking for
Just that little bit more
These ailments deep down I'm seeking to cure

It spreads throughout me until I'm not in control
Sucks me in like a big black hole
Need to discover a clear goal
Where lies my soul?

A glimmer of light but will it fade back to black?
Will you reach out or turn your back...?


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