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All Life's a Lesson

written by: OurSacredHonor

Life's about the journey, the roads you take
so if you make some mistakes
it's ok just don't break,
try to take it all in stride
be thankful you're alive
and whatever you do never sacrifice your pride
don't hide your feelings inside
because even though your heart may break
all it takes
is a little time
to rewind
and get your self together
eventually you'll find the one that's forever
you're never alone
just pick up a phone
and there will always be a friend on the other side waiting
a call from you
and no matter what you do
there are a special choosen few
who will always be there
who will always care
cherish them dearly
they love you sincerely
and a purer love you'll never find
so take some time
to unwind
and you'll find
that everything will fall into place
so take some time to stare into space
and star gaze
with your eyes ablaze
while your brain travels through a maze
of unanswered questions
you don't have to take this advice, it's just a suggestion
all you really have to do is die and pay taxes
but everyone needs a break, everybody relaxes
so have fun and live life to the ultimate
because before you know it
it's slipped through your fingers
don't let regret linger
and never be afraid to take a chance
on romance
you only live life once so do it right
live all day, live all night
and it really doesn't matter what others say
because you choose your path, you pave the way
life is a mystery, so keep on guessing
if it helps take this advice: all life's a lesson


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