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A Gold Coast Summer (Golden Summer)song

written by: Epidemic

A Gold Coast Summer
is what she loves she said
she loves the shadows of your soul
your black silhouette.
she dreams, he loves
she loves, and he dreams
there's no way of telling, what is pristine.

They met down at the beach,
Love and Hate.
He didn't really trust her, but he said he'll give her a break.
A few Ls lit at her place, so now she's coming onto him,
and this time he breaks
He said "Oooh Nooo, my white girl, I don't wanna kiss you."
But she gave him a taste of her lips and he got confused
When everybody's gone, she hopped on top of this dude.
He didn't wanna fuck Hate
But Hate loves to fuck dudes.

Its a Gold Coast Summer
a summer of haze and heat
and it always takes place,
in a town of mansions, money and deceit.
Don't let the dragon pigs catch you
and don't let chickenheads make beef
There's A -WAR -ON- TERROR!,
And there's a war on these streets!

On the eve of the war,
It was about a week after Love,
had aggressively made love to Hate,
Hate -told - Greed
And Greed broke into Love's Place
He came into- the front win-dow
And stole all of Love's Greats
And the next day when Love found out
He had nobody to talk to
but Compassion came out
Compassion came to his place early that morning,
Love and Compassion smoke an L
He told her the whole story of the story he had to tell
He told her he how had wrestled with Hate
And now worse he had to wrestle with himself.
But Compassion was so hurt that Love Fucked Hate,
That Compassion punched Love in the face,
and told Love that that while she came from heaven, Love came from Hell
And now Love is broken
And Compassion is releasing - out her emotions,
But in reality they have nothing in this world but their friends
And their own personal devotion
To keep on swimming in this toxic green ocean.

It's a Gold Coast Summer
A summer of haze and heat
and it-always takes place
in a town of mansions, money, and deceit
Don't let the dragon pigs catch you,
and don't let the chickenheads make beef
there's A-WAR-ON-TERROR,
and there's a fucking war on these streets.

It's a Gold Coast Summer,
it a s summer of haze and heat
It's another Gold Coast Summer
when the Wu had beef
It's another Gold Coast Summer where's there's brown sand
and white girls doing white girl on the beach.
It's a Gold Coast Summer
stagnant e-motions, like water in Oyster Bay
I heard that there's a killer on the way.

It's a Gold Coast Summer
another sunny Sea Cliff summer day
Pour some more wine in my glass pretty layday...

One Love, More Love
Thank You.

-/The Sound Physician-


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