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All The Things

written by: morgan4ever

Of all the things I miss, you, in a sea of things, you were the one I missed the most. You were not a thing, you were a part of me, a part that I have lost. So I am not missing things, I'm missing you. I am missing what made me complete, these things I miss seem nothing compared to you, because they were just "objects" of no meaning. You meant the world to me, but who are you, a piece of me, have I lost you, will I find you, will I fill the space you leave on my heart. I miss you though I don't know you. How could this be, I miss someone who I never had. i morn the loss of whom I don't know. How do you go on missing a part of you that you may never have, lingering on hoping that some day you will find that piece you have searched for.


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