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Addiction Filled Haze

written by: CreativeSkillz

I gave into addiction,
Sitting upon my rooftop.
I regret taking that puff,
Regret giving in.
But to clear my fragile mind,
it seemed like my best choice

My mind soared with ease,
Sitting upon my rooftop.
I realize that nothing will clear,
Nothing will change.
But that smoke,
Will lift my spirit for the time being

I thought of you,
Sitting upon my rooftop.
I tried to understand what was wrong with me,
What was wrong with love.
But i lost your image,
In a smoke veil that covered the air

I thought of him,
Sitting upon my rooftop.
I tried to understand why he died,
Why he commited suicide.
I shed a tear like i always do,
When i try to understand you.

I thought of Dad,
Sitting upon my rooftop.
Did he ever think of me?
Regret seeing me only once?
But he doesn't make me sad anymore,
Just makes me angry.

I finished the smoke up,
Sitting upon my rooftop.
Ipod in one hand, Bud in the other,
A cell phone in my pocket.
Waiting to ring, hoping,
That one of them will call...
But none of them will...


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