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A "Dead"-ly Friend - Dedicated to don... We Miss You

written by: CreativeSkillz

Head lights beam,
He heads for escape.
It'll all be over soon enough.
His only escape is through death, i guess...

Please explain to me before you leave.
It's a plea from me.
I care, i love, i need... You.
Don't leave me all alone..."

Driving in his beat up ol' 95'
He heads straight down the road Towards the bridge,
Ready to take the dive.
But he's driving straight to a place i don't want to end up,
Suicide isn't accepted by god...

"Now what?!
I don't know where you've gone!
Can't listen when they tell me your looking down on me...
How can you look down from hell?
How can you see I'm victim to these tears?"

He jerks back in his seat,
And his car goes off bridge.
Goodbye Cruel fate, Cruel world...
But you'll just see them again in hell.
Where i won't see you and you thought you accomplished something...

"Did he ever think about me,
When he sped to his death?
Did he ever whisper under his breathe?
Trying to reassure me he had nothing left to live for?"


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