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A Disappearing Love

written by: CreativeSkillz

I hear your voice as a whisper in the wind,
Soft and quiet.
But as soon as the sweet voice came,
It was gone with the wind.

I see your radiant beauty in the meadow ahead,
Stunning and lovely.
But the nice meadow fades away,
As fall brings in ugly frosts.

I feel your presence as the waves of the ocean,
Go back and forth.
But the waves will die down,
And that feeling... vanquished.

I can taste your tender lips as if,
It were something of pure delicacy.
But the taste often leaves you wanting more,
And the delicacy will eventually rot.

You bring joy and happiness every waking moment of my life,
And for that I'll tell you that I love you,
Because those words are as true,
As the words written in the poem.
And as everything in the poem has disappeared,
My love for you will never go astray.


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