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All I Want

written by: CreativeSkillz

I Want:

To be able to call you mine,
To hold you in my arms,
To feel your heart beating in rythem next to mine,
It doesn't matter what, just give me a sign,
Your all i really need for the rest of time.

I want:

to feel your soft velvet fingers trail across my face,
Feel our two souls intwined in one as they trace,
To feel the brush of my hands through your silky smooth hair,
You to tell me you love me, and show me you care.

I want:

To feel your body pressed into me while we dance,
Feel the true love in our love making romance,
See you smile everytime we embrace,
You to know your beauty, style, grace.

All i really want is your unconditional love,
I want to feel your need,
Shooting out into the world above.
And for the very words to come spurting out of your mouth,
Without uncertainty.

Dedication - Taya. You were all i wanted.


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