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An Illusion Of Beauty

written by: Dillon

I don't know what I ever saw in you
Your cute face, I'm still falling through
All these years you said we had nothing true
But I still got my eye on you

I can't begin to explain the way that I feel
I'm dying, this pain is so real
The cuts on my wrists, there still here
Staring into your eyes, nothing to fear

An illusion, you must be a dream
But I'm pinching myself and you're still in front of me
You're torturing me and I can't see
That you're pushing needles into me

Feasting on dead rabbits for food
Mind constantly changing its mood
You're the only thing that's right
It's dark but don't turn on the light

You said it's not me it's you
You can't say that my mind will change moods
Don't lie, don't lie, just don't lie
You can't imagine how I feel inside
A cannibal eating at my heart
Your mind slowly tearing it apart


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