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written by: cliche

As I fade to dust, I trust you shan't miss me.
I trust the final blow, a kiss that missed the fist that dissed me,
Shan't prevail above the list see,
I reap through anger and such torment sullies and pars with the brokers and menders, blenders and pretenders.

As my final hour draws near, all fear drained from dawn.
I could never fathom a life other than this that I have.
Such a hate-filled individual, ion, proton and mineral.
Deep within my cell walls lingers such shit that has never before been told,
Sold my soul for a life I've not yet begun to live.
Sieve through the remains to find I world where I don't give.

So here I shall stay, for forever and a day,
I shall never seek solace where wishes shan't be granted,
That notion, inspired such seeds that I've planted,
To spring forth and almost disturb the ridiculed word I've shouldered.
Heat smoulders from the ice in my skin.
Flesh succumbs to flesh,
That rancid touch, peaking such heights,
Scaling such places, unreachable platforms,
Salvation vanished from hope,
Scoping the landscape, question my being, my purpose,
Learned never to trust, uncover hidden depths,
Taking steps to overcome yet the time for talking is over.

I surrender.
Be not the pretender.
End, come be my friend and then come take me from this splendor.


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