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Alone, or Lonely

written by: Dillon

I lay in filth buried in sorrow
I don't know if can live until tomorrow
If I know I'll be alone forever
A knife, a gun, a death lever
To kill myself now before I have to go through more pain
Stab myself before my novel drives me insane
I'll probably cut my wrists one more time
Before I die just to feel the sensation inside
To taste the blood, it's sweet taste
Like a little kid who's addicted to paste
I am addicted to blood, one of the reasons for death
I need to die so I won't take another breath
Of that fresh blood in someone's mouth
After they just cut their mouth, a little south
From the teeth right on the tongue
The kind of smell that just kills my lungs
Am I ever going to get a date?
Maybe I should just give up to fate
I'm tired of hurting the people around me
When I'm like this, when they found me
Depressed because I'll be alone forever
It's as obvious as stitching it across my sweater
With my heart cut in little threads
While I'm laying dead on a hospital bed
Died from a gunshot to the head
I guess no help came from the anti-depression meds
My novel is driving my mad
I have no self-confidence it's sad
Maybe if I stopped writing someone would love me
Maybe if I was nicer, more polite, someone would hug me
How polite can you get, I'm already nice
Yet people still look at me like I've got head lice
Sending insults my way when I walk down the hall
Throwing punches my way in the mall
I'm terrible I can't believe what a fool I've been
I don't know if people know it but my hearts not tin
It's not an indestructible object that doesn't feel pain
I can't take it God I'm insane
The one thing I can't take is coming true
Suzan I can't stand not being with you
I can't stand not being able to feel good
Things just aren't the way they should
Be, I should not be alone it's unfair
I guess I might be one of those rare
Cases of freaks that repel everyone especially the opposite sex
What other misfortunate will be bestowed upon me next
I need some hope to get back my piece of mind
Just take my heart, a rock and grind
It up in little piece and feed it back to my dead body
After I just got ran over by a Ferrari
You can find immortal drinking blood in my tomb
Because I'm gonna shoot myself with a gun boom


Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 5:29PM

Hello Dillon, this is Dillon, I think this peom is really awesome even though no one else seems to think so. Keep going

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