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All that glitters

written by: kathleen malon

Above Average Girl
blessed to be who she is
Holds values, standards and morals
She owns the right to be stylish
She owns the right to do what she likes
Because she is who she is.
Gergeous Face, Unforgettable smile,
Confiadant in every way shap & form
Fantastic Sence of humor.
Everyone would die to step into her wold,
Just for oneday.
A million guys would die to be standing next to her.
A millon guys would love to get to know her just that extra
llittle bit.

But what is it like to be her. All of her.

Try stepping into my word
Its full of empty thoughts
Mixed emotions
People that have decieved you
Over things that are so petty
Guys that want to impress you,
Just to get into your pants
You wish you could escape
Pretending your ok.
the Nightmares keep you up
But the Sleeping pills remain untouched.
Talking helps

Welcome to my world.
All that glitters is not gold.


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