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Aubrey Avenue Spiders

written by: heathersdan

The swinging and the racket took the spiders by surprise
and they focused 32 of their less than perfect eyes.
The figure set before them stood with weapon in his hand
had attacked the spiders tried to evict them from their land.
He disappeared inside a doorway hidden from their site
before they could retaliate and get him with their bite

Gathered around the wreckage of the webs they'd built with care
The spiders spoke of vengeance not the need for the repair
They huddled over mounds of silken strands that were ripped down
They huddled round the remnants of their homes upon the ground
Somewhere within their raging had been formed a brilliant plan
The spiders set to work to teach a lesson to the man

Then the door slowly opened and a light shown from inside
And a shadow on the walk that betrayed the strangers stride
Lying their in waiting spinarettes aimed towards the sky
Four spiders all were waiting for the whites of the man's eyes
In unison they chanted //all for one and one for all//
4 sprays then sent him spinning,and they stuck him to the wall

Now years have passed since that day and the man has disappeared
nothing left but empty webs and a wall that has been smeared
The story of that evening now is nothing more than lore
But spiders spiral spinnings are still hanging 'bove the door
and if there is a lesson that you should take from this today
if you see a spiders web, turn and walk the other way


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