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written by: OurSacredHonor

So won't someone tell me, what the hell to do?
Can't someone mend me, someone be my glue?
I am wrecked and ruined... just trying to get through
Where is my heart.... where are you?
I'm lost and confused
you've left me broken and bruised
these wounds are fresh, open and sore
you have left me a tear-filled mess, lying on the floor

This image I've constructed
And projected in front of me
This fa?ade that I've created
So no one could ever see
What it is I kept inside
Hidden away from you
This wall has finally broken
And now you see what's true
You can see that I'm a failure
As the glass comes crashing down
A wall of brick, turned to shards
Shattered all around
An image of my dreams
Broken like my heart
An image of what I've become:
A man falling apart

I try so hard to be perfect
But fail so miserably
Why can't I ever learn
To ever just be me
I've gone way too far now
There's no turning back
I must learn to discern
The truth from the fact
It's too late cuz my crime
Has already been committed
And I'll serve my time
My guilt has been admitted
I'm stuck at a standstill
And I don't know how to start
First I must pick up the pieces
Of a man falling apart


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