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Afraid You May Never See

written by: OurSacredHonor

You don't take me serious
I don't even have your trust
You laugh at everything I do
I'm nothing but a failure to you

Nothing ever is good enough for you
I try but I just can't get through
You don't see what you do to me
And I'm afraid you may never see

How it is you make me feel
When you act like I'm not real
Nothing but reckless disregard
Why do I try so hard?

I try again to no avail
I know that I am gonna fail
Why bother if you won't let me?
And when I try I'm full of regret you see

But your blind to what I hold inside
You don't see the tears I've cried
Every word I say is true
You don't understand what I'd do for you

I've got one chance to make it right
And I can't fail at this tonight
I feel so miserable on the inside
You've left a bruise on my pride

You've got me feeling so low
You've hurt me but you don't know
Because I won't let you see
I'm broken because of what you said to me

Words that were meant for you
Apparently failed to get through
You disregard them like you do to me
I'm afraid that you may never see


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