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Airborne Gravity

written by: Joe Breton

Cold pondering sands abide with my feet.
Every heart beat; every step I take.
I threw my heart at a golden city
That I gawked at in the distance.
Thought I could see clearly.
Thought there were no clouds.
But, when I approached the door,
I fell under reality.
Now, I'm swimming around.
And I came up for air
Just to breathe in this froth,
The froth I thought was my friend.
I remember how we sang together.
I remember how I said to myself
That's going to be forever.
Now, look where I rest my head.
That's exactly where I want it.
Can't fill up on fluffy clouds.
To dig deeper and sacrifice was
My noble wish, but I don't get that
Granted on a silver platter.
Instead, it turns out,
There's a long ways to fall
And I'm not halfway to the bottom.
You know what I call this?
The stairs of gravity.


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