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Always and Never

written by: twonite

The rivers that used to run from my eyes

Have run until they've gone dry

I promised you I wouldn't cry

I promised you, but that's a lie

So I'll lay in my room until I rot

You've tried to make me something I'm not

My heart sits in pieces all over the floor

In the form of drawings and blood and much much more

Just rape me of my passion

Then take whatever's left

Rest your head on my shoulder

And steal my heart for yourself

So you can chew it up and spit it back out

All I will ever be worth is nothing

Because to you I lost everything

You didn't want me because it was love or need

You stole me for yourself, for your greed

But now I'm on top

Now you're lost with no one to save you

And I'm never coming to your rescue

You will drown in this sea of tears you created

Because no one wants you, your love is overrated

Good Riddance


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