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Anywhere But Here

written by: CynicalSecret

Anxiety pools in my twelve-year old palms,
Trickling down to the very tips of trembling fingers
That soak the jagged corners of fringed paper;
Coming alive only to bite back at me.
My sharpened tongue crafts a stutter
Through broken fragments of vowels--
Still I stand tall at the foot of the classroom,
Sweat-soaked brow hiding behind lined shield.
My brain tugs at my nerves, reminiscent of
The icy stares that pierce through my skin,
Willing me anywhere but

Sharp inhale, then a long, slow exhale--
Yet my heart still threatens to bust
From the confines of its cage,
Much like my will to the pen I'm bound to
By the very people I present to
At this moment in time.

My eyes dart to see past the anger
That grips at their tongues, deeming me
A pariah-- alienated as someone who is
No longer a child, but a monster.
Through their facades I can faintly taste
The poisonous rancor that lingers in the mind,
Waiting for the next victim.

The chalk screeches against the emerald board,
As I etch my powdered nonsense into the green sea
That sears through my lungs with a dust of
Ammunition for those who had been waiting for it.
A violent massacre of my silent peace ensues,
One word slurs still stinging my ears and
Gnawing at the strings of my heart.
A color-coded bitterness slapped across my chest
Like a name tag; read straight through me.
Wading through the mud, I find the words
To cease my jabber of animal rights,
Just in time for the bell to slap the spittle-streaked cheeks
Of those who could not defy the lure of sleep...

Willing me anywhere but


Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 1:55AM

wow...I love the imagery! Great job!

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