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A Reminiscent Memory

written by: Ithilgalad

Carved and etched in memory's stone
The grave, the sword, and me.
The twisted lies so overgrown,
Destroyed by what could be.

A moment's breath and savior;
Love's light setting free.
But how quickly comfort wavers,
Hit by passion's debris.

Self-destruction ignites too soon,
The mask begins to decay.
The melody is forsaking its tune,
The road is losing its way.

The struggle to keep my silence,
The blindfold stripped away.
The gain of horror's violence,
The lack of words to say.

Betrayal's ink so carelessly spilled,
Fear's shackles held too tight.
Reverie's calm slaughtered and killed,
Not a chance to win this fight.

Fate's long lashes blink in denial,
The wrong blurs into the right.
The good of my intentions put on trial,
Redefining my black and white.

To lose all hope before it is gained;
To give in before you even try.
Ignorance's perfection bloody and stained;
Our very soul to die.

So I stand before you in utter defeat...
I have but only one cry.
As I make my march by the drummer's beat,
I have to ask:



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