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A Loved Teen

written by: clbunny

Sometimes you think I don't understand you,
but I do remember how hard it is to be a teenager.
I know it's not easy working through
the feelings you are experiencing,
and I wish you would feel free to talk to me.
Your teen years should be filled
with wonderful experiences,
and I want your life to be happy and enjoyable.
It makes me sad to see the anger that is within.
Sometimes you may feel I'm too nosy
in you private life,
or it may seem that I tell you what to do too much.
I don't mean to make you feel like
you have no independence,
and I know you need some space
and room to grow at times.
But as your mom, I want you
to be healthy and happy
and to have every opportunity in life
that you deserve.
I want us to be able to work out
any differences, and communicate openly with each other.
Just as any relationship has ups and downs, so does ours.
Seems like a long time ago now,
but we once had a good relationship.
We can grow and learn together in times ahead,
at listening and respecting each other.
I worry for you,
and also for your future.
I will not pretend to accept,
the street life you are choosing to live.
You are so important to me.
I hope you know
I love you with all my heart,
and I love being your mom.

Carrie-Lynn Souza
Written for my son, Jonathon


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