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A World Without War

written by: Oryana

Think of a world
without any wars
Its just like a world
without any seashores

All of us think
that all wars are bad
All of us think
of who thinks diffarent as mad

look deep down inside
look into your heart
how would you be able to survive
if you and violance part?

What would we be like
without the first world war?
what will the future hold
without one more?

watch how the jailed men
walk around the jail
how will they survive outside
when they have to leave their sell

look deep down inside...

There are many ways and times
that violance shows its face
it sits beside you, waiting to pounce
if you'll need it, just in case...


Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 1:45PM

Oryana your song has a message and a good pint. I respect it!!!

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