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The ABCs of Disloyalty (Abandoned, Betrayed, and Cutoff)

written by: OurSacredHonor

Loyalty in these times seems too much to ask
Every opportunity that knocks you just let pass
Nothing in this world is ever built to last
And now this ship is sinking, and sinking fast

You'll be on the first life boat out, headed safely to shore
I know you too well to expect anything more
Toss me the anchor, I'll tell the ocean floor
You were too busy to stick around, while you're jumping overboard

A is for Abandoned

I'm never quite sure exactly what to expect
So I expect nothing yet I get even less
You say you always tell the truth and with me you're direct
But all I hear are excuses listening in retrospect

I'm the old toy, I took all your abuse
But now you've got your hands on something shiny and new
Sure, you'll come back around when there's something in it for you
But I'll be right back on that shelf once I have outlived my use

B is for Betrayed

Get a clue, get a map, write yourself a note
Or the next time I hear "let's get together" I'll hope like hell you choke
And this time you can't swallow the lie and it gets lodged in your throat
As I laugh at you, while you turn blue because your airway is closed

Maybe a color by number would help you get the picture
Oh, and don't forget to trip and fall when you're running with the scissors
And tell the nurses at the hospital not to allow visitors
Because you couldn't sit still while they reattach your tongue, you're such an awful listener

C is for Cutoff

I don't have the time to wait for you to come around
My life is moving at one hundred miles per hour
I can't catch up on sleep let alone slow down
I just hope in the end that you can figure this out


Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 6:31AM

hmmm..i love it ...its difficult to explain what i love bout it and why but its perfect

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