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A New

written by: OurSacredHonor

A new beginning
A new horizon
A new day meets its end

A new beginning
A new sun rising
A new wound starts to mend

A new beginning
A new hope growing
A new chance to start again

A new beginning
A new light showing
A new love for you my friend

Let us start a new
My true blue
You know who
You are
Near or far
Plane or car
Hell I'll run to you now
Like I should've done then
Time and again I didn't let you in
But now I know better so just give me this chance
For sweet love and romance
I'll shine for you like your star in the sky
I'll shine for you like that twinkle in your eye
So don't you cry
Don't ask why
I'm here for you now like I should've been
I'm here for you now like I was back then
Back when we knew nothing of the world outside
We'd sit alone in bed at night and cry out our eyes
Why does the world treat us like it does?
All I want for us is to be back like it was
Back when things were right
Even lonely at night
Even when we fought we knew it was all right
Because I love you and you love me
Together me and you for eternity
I've said it before a million times over
You're my lucky charm, my four-leaf clover
And no matter what happens from here on out
Never again will I have a shade of doubt
In this head of mine
Cuz I know in my heart it never came close to that line
So just give me this last chance, give me one more time
I'll be your all, your everything
Soon you'll find your pretty little finger has a pretty little ring
So sing for me and I'll write for you
In due time we'll say "I do"
Because even when it all seemed to fall apart
We're able to start a new


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