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written by: alf hickey


spitting electronic sputum
competing plants pining
for the care of human hands
animals weeping wanting shade

hunting humans for love in fear
facing heaven for a feeder's failure
groaning less for water, co2
dreaming of their fruitful fingers

even commands from sky and ground
the weary wanton work-kings
the job from curse to flower
God's provision, colours of grace

yet their eyes are lost on each other
not even opposites but their own
wasteful lost in desire's tangles
confusion's splinters blinding

cloth dispensed as eden free
frail bonds of mortality
firing up the risen king
deciding about our dust again

the rivers of light and dark
that drive the earth and moon
are failing from a broken heart
despondent bent on burning

hope is in the blind God's vision
to look beyond the sight
a lust for love from his own palms
sought-known from the first word

cloned like an individualist
not competing or retreating
blood trickling through the fingers
crying loudest from below

and the whole power of the universe
the great thunder of His soul
that bore all with the force of God
bears us once more


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