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written by: OurSacredHonor

I'm sorry, I can't make it in today
I don't feel too well
Hang up the phone and catch your breath
Hope they couldn't tell
This feeling in your stomach
Isn't quite a sickness
There's a much more complicated
Story behind all this
Your insides turn over
Like an engine, it's the getaway
Even though all the signs say "Quarantined"
I can't make myself stay away
Flowers are beautiful
But they're seen, they're not heard
And the most important thing right now
Is for you to hear my words
I've choked this down
For weeks on end
Like prescription pills
Taken before bed
Fill the glass
Tilt your head back and swallow
If it weren't for the pain
You would swear you were hollow
An oak tree wilting
In the winter that you love
Your aching roots withdrawing
Yet you look fine up above
Hide your shaky step
By swaying careless in the breeze
Enough overanalyzing details
It's time to see the forest through the trees
That face only fools
The fool I play
But that fool too
Called out sick today
An extended leave of absence
To make room for absent truth
Truth that not too long ago
Defined my relationship with you
This silent space
That has grown between
Is not a symptom
Of any disease
But instead
A series of mistakes
I need a cure for this
And I'll do whatever it takes
We need a diagnosis
To determine what can save us
Besides, you're so hard to catch
You couldn't be contagious
Tell me where to start
Tell me where to begin
I'd rather die of what you have
Than not be let back in


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