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written by: OurSacredHonor

Walking back today I saw you standing there
I couldn't miss that flowing, beautiful hair
I saw you from across the street there was nobody else
But it seemed to me you were upset and wanted to be by yourself
So I crossed the street and walked right by you
I didn't know what else I could do
I walked by in silence, afraid I'd say something wrong
When I came back down you were gone

I'm worried about you
Where did you go
I don't want to upset you
But I need you to know
I want to be the one who's there for you
But I don't know if you want me to

I talk with you but you hide your fears
I walk with you but you shed no tears
Trapped inside you suppress these issues
Back home it seems that everyone does miss you
Except for the one you care for the most
He lifts you up to let you down, haunts you like a ghost
I hate to sit back and not say a thing while you're hurting all alone
But I understand that you have to deal with this on your own
Please don't give your heart to someone who will break it
If they don't deserve it then don't let them take it
Give it to someone who will love you back, to someone who will care
Give your heart to the one who always will be there

This is just advice
Given by a friend
Someone who will hold your hand
And help you through
Whatever lies around the bend
So when the curtain falls and the lights go dim
And you can't get on track
Just know I'm right behind you
And I've always got your back


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