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written by: Dillon

I don't know where to start I've done so much
I know the shit I've done is corrosive to the touch
I'm trying to put myself in your shoes but I'm not sure
If I can even fix this, if I can conjure up a cure
I never wanted to make you mad, that wasn't my intentions
Now I'm saying sorry with my lyrical inventions
You're like my best friend, I don't wanna fight
I don't wanna break my friendship cord so tight
It's like a stab to the heart every time you ignore me
I don't wanna be like friends who gave up before me
I don't wanna see hate vent off your body
When you're in trouble dog I want ya to call me
I need to know what the fuck you want from me
I'm so sick and tired of getting into such dumb beef
But seriously dog, I didn't do no shit
If you were really my friend you wouldn't be such a bitch
It's not up to us; it's for her to decide
So if she likes me dog, you should just step aside
‘Cause honestly man, that's what a good friend would do
And you know I'd do the same fuckin' thing for you
I gotta thank you, for helping me through
For keeping me on track through life and through school
And I gotta thank ya, just for ya purpose
And allowing my talents to finally break through the surface
If I had an angel I'd be cryin' words of sorrow
My friends are the only reason I live till tomorrow
My mind feels like the twin towers in 9/11
Now let's go on a trip to two thousand seven
Now imagine this, a boy unloved and unwanted
A boy constantly under pressure and haunted
By home life, school life, life in general
But it was alright, he didn't take life literal
He was fucked up, from the shit he went through
It was to the extent that he would cut himself out of the blue
He started high school but for what?
So he can go through more shit and continue to cut
And this is where we come to the end of the story
I hope you paid attention ‘cause this is my life before me
With you as my friend, I got something good
Brotherly love for the first time, grab as much as I could
We've been friends for just so long
What I'm tryin to say is I apologize, I was wrong


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