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All about tenderness

written by: jonechee

Humans have always had their needs for love
Longing before they could calculate the year.
Painting on the walls of caves and tombs
Stories of accomplishment, conquest and fear. In the mutual respect of each existence, the pillar of a good friendship lives. The respect, the change of ideas, the complicity, the flexibility, they make new pillars uniting themselves to be reborn, creating a bridge of magic light, that we can cross everyday. You took me to a world that burn my heart and gave life to my spirit. The only place where I found a one-of-a-kind feeling filled with heavenly bliss! I never thought I could ever have the chance to get there and embrace such a wonderful experience, were it not for you...

You were the rainbow that gave my sky different vibrant colors from the spectrum; the mystique moon, my only source of light amidst starless nights. These moments would never have been the same were it not for you. Makes me smile for no reason, u touched my life in such a way that no one ever did...


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