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Paying Interest on Forgiveness

written by: OurSacredHonor

So they say I am getting older
But to me it seems nothing's changed
A few more candles on the birthday cake
But that number is only my age
I've been to class and graduated
But I still make the same mistakes
In essay form or multiple choice
The problems stay the same

Do I look out the windshield to watch where I'm going
Or in the rear view to see where I've been?
Do I try something different this time
Or do I take the same path again?
Do I question all your motives
To find out the who, what, why and when?
Or do I put my doubt aside
And learn to trust a friend?
Am I the one to reach out first
Across this deep ravine?
Do I risk the jump, is faith enough
After all that I have seen?
Are you honest on the outside
Or honest in your core?
Are these words a cease fire
Or a declaration of war?

So you say I am getting older
Tell me, "Everything has changed.
You and I are different now
Things will never be the same"
If we have nothing left in common
It's only because you want it that way
I hope you can admit we are two of a kind
Before we're both in our graves

Do I risk it all and go for broke
With so many uncertainties
Or do I wait it out in hopes that
It all works out for me?
Did I wait to long or time it right,
Will I ever even know?
Can I find the path to happiness
Or will I have to make my own?
Do I fight to get what I deserve
Or do I not deserve a thing?
Do I survive the whole twelve rounds
Or never make it to the ring?
"Everything will be OK"
Or so that's what they say
But are we really moving forward
Or are we just spinning in place?

So they say I am getting older
But to me it seems nothing's changed
I've been around the sun a few more times
But that number is only my age
I've been waiting for you and forgiveness to return
But that still seems so far away
You don't appear to be in much of a hurry
I guess I've still got my debts to pay


Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 7:55PM

I really like this... suggestion... You keep saying "so they say I am getting older" consider using the "I'm" you use later. I think it would help with flow

Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 4:57AM

HOLY... FREAKING... CRAP! This is AWESOME! If I could make this my number one I would... Can I? ... Anyway. This poem held my attention fervently. Almost like I was metal and your words were a powerful magnet.

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