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written by: UsKidsKnow

(Cheesy Poem #1)

Amber dont you know that you'll always be the one
Who I go to when I want some fun?
Amber loving you has been so sweet
I'm looking forward to being with you in the summer heat

Amber is so fresh with her black leather skin
She makes me happy my life begins again
Sleeping with her is such a delight
Sometimes I wish I could spend the whole night

Amber darling I want you
and leaving you always makes me blue
I hope it makes you feel the same too
The long for you skin...Whoo!

Amber baby its so unfair
That you are only one cozy lounge chair
I wish I could afford a dozen of you
then I'd never be without the feel of you

But I guess I'll have to live
With only one purchess from the store of Wal-Mart
I admit even then I was smart
Because now Amber rests in my living room, for always and eternity


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