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A regret

written by: Daniel91

Why is it called a choice
When we always choose the wrong
Why God did you let this go on for so long
What could i learned from this

Was it to learn how to repair a heart
that has been shattered
Why can't I let you go?
All i do is reap what I sow

Why won't quit
This pain
The pain that follows me where ever I go
I'm so tired of this bullshit

You say shake it off
But why was being happy at so great of a cost
IK sit here with no hope
All i want to do is to be set free

Free from yesterdays scars
And tomorrow's expectations
God please give me wings so I can be free
There's nothing left for anybody to say

I'm off to find my own way
Off to find someone who really cares
Someone who I can have a lie to share
Someone who will always be there

It's what I deserve instead of this
One day I promise you I'll find my perfect bliss


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