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written by: clairedac

After the pretty girls go by dancing in front of your eyes
After the boys have broken the guitar with its strings
After ties that were meant never to come to light or dark
After the last of the bits and pieces have been swept
There will be another day.

After the silence of the love has been steadied to nothing
After the hugs have disappeared into frowns and left
After your eyes have seen the demise of the bones left
After the courage to save another soul tomorrow again
There will be another day.

After you've lied about yourself to the other you and them
After you cleared up the dirt set upto your muddy knees
After you have given yourself another chance for them
After you know that this is only nothing but the end
There will be another day.

After the swans have mated for the life they've seen
After they have all left, and you are all that you see
After you think that the stones will leave your path
Just when you think you've seen the brightest stars
The sun will rise, and there will be another day.


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