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A voice

written by: clairedac

Here I stand before you,
Not as someone's mother,
Not as someone's sister,
Not as someone's daughter,
Not as someone's wife,
But as the woman of spirit.

Yes, I have seen women like me; hate themselves because they are women.
And yet, I know I am lucky to be born as the woman who can hold her head high.
They will call me the fairer gender; they will call me the physically vulnerable one,
But yes, deep inside I know, that no man can ever be as strong as I have become.
I will never let them tell me, command me how to live my life because I am me,
I will hold myself so high that the world will bow down to my honour and dignity.
No one is ever going to pull me down and take me for granted because I understand,
But they are going to love me for my compassion and take me as a star they are lucky to have.
I will be pride when I say that I hold the power of acceptance, to embrace the inevitable,
And yet be so strong about it, even if I do not seem strong to the world outside.
My greatest glory will be the power of choice that I shall be given by the world,
That no one can ask me to step back to make way for another person because of my feminism.
No, I am not a beautiful woman; I am the woman you see at the bus stop,
The young girl going to school, the woman going to work to earn herself respect.
I am that average woman, who has the tears of the sun and the grace of a million gods,
But also the angst of fire, the heat of the injustice done to my sisters.
No one will ever discriminate against me because I am black or white, because I speak alien,
Because I will be my own judge, and no one shall tell me what makes me a beauty.
Today, I will swear to no one but myself, that no woman I know will ever be hurt,
Or be underestimated, or be forced to make her a puppet when she wants to be free.
I will be vociferous with my opinion; I will shout and scream until they listen to me,
So those never again, will my voice be meek, muffled and bound to be crushed.
I will instil in myself so much power that I will not bow down to any man,
But they will look into my eyes and realize that I truly deserve the respect I have been denied.
I will not let anyone tell me what completes me; they won't tell me I need a man or matrimony,
I do not need marriage to call myself complete, fulfilled and satisfied.
But I do need marriage for a heart to calm me when the storms rage outside,
And that every relationship is incomplete without my presence and my love.
I will never be superior to anyone, but I will also not be inferior to any force in the world.
May everyone hear me now, may everyone get the feel of my heart's flutter,
May everyone give me a chance to let me prove myself, a see a world so beautiful!
May everyone woman hear me and be set alive with a heart that is new again!
Let's work for a change, let's bring the change. Let's live the change.


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