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Another Day

written by: OurSacredHonor

The sun fades out to a menacing black sky
The moon left to watch over us with it's many eyes
Fault lines tremble as the earth sighs
Another day has gone by

Suffering from the anticipatory
Glory of a mysterious story
One that unfolds, yet is untold
As I fold myself up and try to hold
And contain all the pain and strain in my brain
All in order to control this anxiety
That's fighting me inside of me for all to see
I insert the knife and I tear away
Expose myself for all today
You'll see what's inside of me, what makes me tick
I never thought that butterflies could make me sick
But as my stomach turns, and my heart burns
I know that I'm too concerned
With all the wrong things all at the same time
I can't seem to walk that line
You know, the thin one that lies between the good of everything
And all the pain that the rest can bring
I tip toe so slow that I don't know if I'll go
Anywhere from here at all
It feels like I steal life from myself
And with each step I'm closer to a fall

The moon rises up and illuminates the night sky
The stars are there to watch over us like many eager eyes
Trying to grab hold of comet's tails as they fly
Yet another day has gone by

We countdown to nothings
That mean everything
We see the earth's rebirth
Each and every spring
Like it we start anew
A new chance for all of us
To rebuild, to restore
The cycle's continuous
Winter is to nighttime
As spring is to the morning
We'd be left with nothing
If all surprises came with warnings
So cherish the moments
And save all the memories
For today the world has been generous
And granted us continuity

The winter has left us, the sun's back in our sky
We wake up to new life dawning by opening our eyes
We're learning to live for living and not just to get by
Another day has arrived


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