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Am I Dark Enough For You?

written by: LadyEvyl

"Am I Dark Enough?"

You say I am far too kind
Too nice to truly be

Yet if only you knew the
Struggles I engaged to not
Eat you alive

The snapping and snarling are but
Minor manifestations of a deeper need
To rend, to rip, to destroy

No love nor friendship do I behold
Nearly enough as this vital viciousness
So deep within my soul

Searing everything yet touching nothing at all
Its invisibility is the key by which I am

Can there be too much Darkness within
A person's personality? Should you be
Scared of little old me?

Dreaming of your agony cramped face
Is a sweet bliss I cannot name directly
To you at any moment

Wanting to watch as the light dies in your eyes
Can this be too much of my inner Truth for you?
Can I ever be.. Dark enough for you?

Do you still believe I am a poseur with
The truth of my depths revealed in this,
Bitter little tale?

The sweet sweet desire to hurt you rises
Without warning, in a millisecond's pulse
Devouring me as I'd love to devour you

Yet, I cannot, shall not allow this Beast
Loose just yet upon the world because
It is my deepest secret weapon

Hate pretending to be love and affection
Mixed with desire, webbed and wedded to destruction
Is my only heart's song truth

And so it is with a heavy black beating heart
I ask you once more, as you lay dying,
"Am I Dark Enough For you?"


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