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A Mother's Heartache

written by: Nobodygirl101

I loved him so much, and now he's gone,

He was so special, my one and only son,

He was good to me, and that's no lie,

That morning I didn't even say good- bye!

It's my fault, I told him to go,

I'll never see him again, now he's buried down below,

If I hadn't of sent him down those mines,

We would have had so many more happy times.

Now all I have are memories from the past,

All because of that one murderous blast,

One explosion caused all this heartache,

Because of that my son will never wake.

Many tears I've cried over the years,

But today I have cried all of my tears!

I can barely feel my broken heart,

All I feel is it being ripped apart.

The thing I miss most is the smile on his face,

But, I'll never see him come home from that evil place!

Why did he have to go?

Why am I suffering so much woe?

I'll meet him again someday, somehow or another,

For I will forever be his loving mother!

I'm not the only one, there are people who've lost more than me,

But why? Why does that have to be?

With their lives the miners have to pay,

But their sacrifice costs their families each day!


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