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Angry Bit

written by: gilligan3

Inside of me
This part of me
Is something that drives me
Makes me

What is thing
That makes my soul sing
Makes me feel crazy this zany thing
To the surface should it I bring

At night it's power is great
So that it puts me in a furious state
Makes me want to stay up late
Makes hunger exist when I just ate

Time doesn't exist
When daylight's power decists
Power itself seems to eradiate from my fists
When lost love and absent friends are missed

This beast is so holy
Thou raised in feelings so coldly
My brain it fills so fully
My soul is taken over completely

Where does this come from
Why does it create in me this long song
Is it celestial this thing so green
It envies heaven's power of shower

So filled with pleasure
It's beyond measure
It needs no physical pressure
Is it good and are you sure

Comes the words
On the lips of a little bird
Believe me it's not absurd
The cat silently purred

The monster inside is getting bigger
And I'm not a fibber
Tossing aside all useless litter
Boy oh boy my dear dear friend I miss her

I am what I am
Are you who ye be see


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