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A Thousand Kisses

written by: Tigressarah

With every kiss I freely gave, a piece of my soul went too,

And to think I wasted a thousand kisses on you!

You had my soul and you had my heart,

But all you did was rip them apart.

A thousand little pieces of me, given to you,

And all I got back was the hell you put me thru.

My kisses are priceless, like exotic jewels,

I dont just give them away to heartless fools.

But you told me you loved me, and I believed you,

You got my kisses and carresses, too.

But none of these were ever returned,

My show of affection was so arrogantly spurned.

Oh how I wish I had wings to fly,

Far away and so high in the sky.

Above the hurt, and above pain,

So high I never have to return again.


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