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written by: Tigressarah

Love is such a little word,

But such emotion she evokes when heard.

Happiness, wistfulness, and depression,

All play a part in love's progression.

When love is around, our spirits fly,

We feel as if we can touch the sky.

The emotions of happiness and joy abound,

Whenever love comes around.

But as we think of times already spent,

And catch that once familiar scent,

Of the one we loved in the past,

We ask ourselves why it didn't last.

Wistfulness brushes us with tender memories,

Till we once again lock them away, and hide the key.

But when love has left to visit elsewhere,

We find ourselves wishing she was still there.

Depression sets in,

Till loves comes to visit again.

Such a little word for one so great,

Love lives on, even thru hate.

Love seems never to come and stay,

But take comfort that she will never stay long away.


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