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My Life

written by: Tigressarah

I shiver with pleasure form his slightest touch,

But I don't get to feel it all that much.

I feel like I'm melting from the heat of his gaze.

But he never looks at me like that these days.

I long to carress him and hold him tight,

But I know that's not what he would like.

I love him with all of my heart and soul,

But his lack of interest is leaving a hole.

Everything I dreamed of, I hold on my hand,

I bought it with my love, and one gold band.

All I evEr wanted in a man I now own,

But I'm not what he wanted, and that sliced to the bone.

All I long for is his desire,

Nothing i want could take me higher.

But he can't see past the things that he bid,

To look in my heart for what I keep hid.

And now I'm feeling as if it's too late,

For next to that love,is a small seed of hate.

From me his desire he decided to withhold,

Ans as the months pass, my heart grows cold.

What I wouldn't do to be his desire.

To be the fantasy that fueled his fire.

Why not love me for all that I am,

Instead of what you want me to be, Damn.


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