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An Eerie Sense of Home

written by: Mike Basile


I am loss.
Loss has become me.
Loss envelops all,
and ignores my every plea.

In you I discovered hope,
hope to be born anew.
But I feel you fade away.
My discovery deemed untrue.

I try to fight the inevitable,
but victory is not for me.
So desperately I clutch,
to something I no longer see.

Hanging from the edge,
my fingers begin to slide.
You will be my last sight,
right before I've died.

And as I fall from you,
familiarity approaches my body across.
An eerie sense of home,
the feeling of loss.

My last link,
my life's last tie,
is ended like all else.
Tears weep as I fall from the sky.

Impact is made,
I am blown across the floor.
Finally with nothing left too lose,
Loss I am no more.


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