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Amazing Love

written by: Nephradit

It amazes me to think
the feelings I have for you.
Because this relationship
is so very new.

Why is it I feel comfort
with just your presence near?
My mind is total void
of any thoughts of fear.

Your voice soothes me
Puts a smile on my face.
You make me laugh
And my heart quickens its pace.

Your arms around me
makes me feel warm and safe inside.
It brings out the passion
that I just cannot hide.

You invade my thoughts and dreams
with caring and affection.
It makes me burn for desire
and tightens the connection.

I do not understand
how you make me feel this way.
The attraction gets stronger
With each passing day.

You have enchanted me
with your entire being.
I cannot explain
what it is I am feeling.

It makes no sense
I have not known you very long.
But somehow I do know
It is with you I belong.

It is as if you complete me
and I only just realized.
That part of me was missing
And now I have been revitalized.

Now I can tell
that you were made for me.
Because I know you exist
And with out you I can not be.

When I am with you
the world disappears.
It is as if I have known you
for a million years.

I never believed in soul mates
that is until I met you.
We are so in tune with each other
our thoughts are too.

I am trying so hard
not to fall in love too fast.
Letting things go at their own pace
to make the feelings last.

I know this love
will make my heart burst.
I need to leave the wantonness behind
and remember my head first.

Loving you is so easy
It makes me feel content.
The intensity is there
it is very evident.

You and I are a match
our souls are entwined.
This love will be forever
and be perfectly aligned.


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