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written by: Nephradit

I'm addicted to you
And there's no cure around
I don't think I'd want it
If it's ever found.

You turn me on
At your will and desire,
It's not fair
You put me on fire.

Ablaze I am
When you kiss my shoulder
You work you way
Into getting boulder.

Your lips touch my neck
And my body does twitch
You turn me on
Like a light switch.

You work your way
Around to my lips
But only to tease me
As your hands touch my hips.

You pull me in
And I feel your tease
As I wait for you
To fill my needs.

As you brush my hair
Away from my brow
My body tells me
That I need you now.

As your face is inches
Away from my bliss
You move in closer
And give me that kiss.

I melt into your arms
As you hold me still
Your gentleness and love
Completes my desire and will.


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