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As We Learn

written by: kangi86

Don't ask me to stay
I cause only pain
Stop with the tears
See I've hurt again.
This is only minor
No scar affiliction
It's better than wearing
Love's stitches.
So, let the tears race
Let love purge from you
As I learn to let go.

It may take awhile
To shake the terror
Of being alone.
Don't hang on wires
Of silent telephones.
As you stare in the mirror
My wings full length
Left my feathers
In the bathroom sink
My razor lingers
My face is now clear.
So, let the tears trail
Let love surge for you
Learn to forget ghosts
As I learn what's real.

Pull the comforter
Over your head
Whisper to yourself
Lost endeavors once said.
Let the cold kiss your skin
As I use to do
Heat us up in sin
Plead the night to soothe.
Inside the stars you hide,
That radiate warmth
I no longer provide.
So, let the tears disappear
Purge yourself of me
Learn I won't reappear
As I learn I'm not really free.


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