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A Trip With God

written by: leila612

God smiled at me and took my hand
He said "I'm taking you to the Promise Land"
But wait Dear Lord I can't leave my loved ones you see
He said "It's your time now to come home with me
Hurry along we must go
Grady's expecting you with a smile that glows
He's been waiting on you to be back in his arms
Together again, you're safe from harm
He missed you greatly, his one true love
Brought to him now on the wings of a dove
Don't worry about your loved ones when they cry
I will give them their chance to say goodbye
Only a moment will their tears last
Heaven your future, Earth your past
They'll think of you always with sweet tenderness
Your memories will bring them joy and happiness
They know you loved them with all of your heart
But my Dear Catherine its time to part
The gates are open and the angels wait
For your arrival we mustent be late
Your family's reunion is set in time
Until then in my hands they'll be fine."
My final words to the ones I love
As I watch over you from above
In the breeze my voice you'll hear
In your hearts my song of cheer
I'll miss you as much as you miss me
But this is where I'm supposed to be
As the Lord said before I'll see you again
But always remember until then
Our love for each other will live forever, AMEN!


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