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A second slower

written by: truds07

The love that we once shared,
the passion that is now impaired;
the lust we felt,
the warmth that was dealt,
how can it all be gone
the love just all withdrawn
My heart beats a second slower
my knees fall an inch lower
and as i watch my world fall apart
the darkness envelopes my heart
I wonder how i can make it through
with a heart that is oh so blue
What i would give for that time so long ago
when all our love could do was grow
if only i could stop the hurt
make these feelings start to avert
the broken hearts
the falling apart
so many nights
too many fights
I wanted perfection
but it seems there was only deception
i don't see the light
or the end of the fight
so tell me when you do
and i will say i love you too


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