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written by: Mike Basile

Slowly, eyes crack open partially.

Piercing, the light blinds them harshly.

Dormant, in a slumber for so long,

the lack of darkness does not belong.

Curious, they peer around the room.

Unfamiliar sights and scenes- they consume.

They do not recognize any of this,

yet they know, somehow, something's amiss.

For there is a sense of deja vu,

as if this place, they once knew.

But who is this face that peers over me?

And who am I? For myself, I can't see.

I feel at a time, I wished I'd forget.

A reality now, was it worth it?

This face above, pulls at my heart,

but to it, a name I cannot impart.

Per my wish, I forget the facts,

but pain still cuts through like an axe.

Only, worse it is with no memory,

for now I can't recall how to flee

into the things which kept me from hurt,

oh Lord, please rest me down in the dirt.

Nothing remembered, with my mind I wrestle.

Nothing remembered, my body's now a vessel

for a life that I no longer lead.

Out of a hole in my throat, I still feed.

Out of a hole in my throat, I receive air.

Out of a hole in my mind, I live in despair.

Out of a hole in my heart, I still mourn.

Out of a hole in my life, I lay forlorn.

Struggling to unplug what's plugged into me,

the cable in my hand, the whole world will see.

And know that I pulled the plug to my chest,

in order to escape into eternal rest.


Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 11:21PM

Whoa, very nice. I liked the choice of wording! :D

Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 3:58PM

Thanks :]

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